What’s The Best Thing To Sell Online?

Like any good marketer, you undoubtedly ask yourself every day, “what’s the best thing to sell online?”

People answer this question in different ways.

Many are convinced that they should focus on high-end products, while others prefer to break into niche markets with cheap, entry level products.

Still others focus their promotions on software, apps and technology… the hottest selling products at this time.

Technology is followed closely by done for you systems, which are also extremely popular with affiliate marketers.

So, what’s the best thing to sell online?

As for the types of products, I’d say it depends mostly on your niche.

Who is your audience, and what do they need?

What kind of products can best solve their problems?

You also need to consider the formatting of the products you want to sell.


Are your followers more likely to be comfortable with video, audio or text?

You also need to consider whether you like to lead a sales funnel to your audience with recurring payment items, like marketing systems and sales page generators, or “one off” (one-fee-one-time) products.

Typically, you’ll want to include both types in your marketing arsenal, but it’s important to know which type to “lead” with because that’s where you’ll focus on building your buyer base.

What’s The Best Thing To Sell Online?

Unfortunately, there are far too many people who spend lots of time and money building an online business without ever formulating a specific monetization strategy.

These folks never even ask themselves what the best thing is to sell.

They focus purely on driving traffic to their sites.

The problem is that those sites are poorly optimized for converting visitors into buyers of any sort.

It’s like sending people to a store with nothing on the shelves.

There’s nothing to sell.

Now, you can build up a site with affiliate reviews, banner ads and link rotators.

You could earn some commissions on your site in that way.

But you’d be sacrificing something very important.

You’d be short-circuiting your ability to sell the very best thing of all.

That’s YOU.

The very best thing you can sell online is you and your brand… your expertise, your authority and your leadership.

There are several reasons for this. Here are just a few:

  • There are many products, and lots of people compete to sell them as affiliates. But there’s only one of you. You have no competition when it comes to selling you and your brand.
  • If you sell a system, a software or even a training course, it gets outdated rather quickly in the fast paced world of internet technology. It becomes irrelevant and all the work you did promoting it is no longer viable. You have to move on to something newer. When you focus on your own personal brand, it never becomes obsolete. It can bend, shift and morph to accommodate the changing technology and trends, but it doesn’t ever just go away.
  • No matter how much you learn about an affiliate product, you know more about yourself than anything. You know your strengths, weaknesses, abilities and expertise. You’re therefore, a natural spokesperson for your own brand.

The Best Way To Sell The Best Product

While your own personal brand is the best thing you can sell, the best method for selling your personal brand is by creating your own digital information products.

Creating your own products gives proof to the credibility of your personal brand.

There’s nothing that makes people trust your authority and expertise more than when they see that you’ve created your own product.

Before the age of digital products, it was commonly said, when proving someone’s authority… that they “wrote the book” on the topic.

So if someone were to question if you really know about collecting coins, you might hold up your book “All About Coin Collecting” and say “Hey, don’t question my authority. I wrote the book on this topic!”

On the internet, this authority is most firmly and impressively established by showing people that you created a digital information product on your topic.

Rather than spending all your time promoting affiliate products and their creators, why not create your own products and let your affiliates promote YOU as the clear authority?

Here are some really good reasons to give it try:

  • you can do it cheap, or at zero cost;
  • you only need knowledge in your field, or information, tactics, resources or contacts related to it;
  • this is an extremely low risk, high profit potential venture;
  • you’ll vastly raise the stakes on your own brand, and its perceived value.
  • your rate of return on your own products is scaelable, meaning that for you can vastly improve your profit potential for virtually no extra work or investment.

While these are great reasons to create your own digital info product, there’s one big reason that so few marketers take this decisive step in their business: they think it’s too difficult.

They believe that it’s just too big a creative and technical challenge to create, deliver and manage their own products.

I have co-authored multiple digital info products with my business partner and wife, Donna.

If you think it’s too difficult to create your own online products, let me recommend one of our info products to guide you along the way… it’s called “Instant Info Product” in which we show you how to create your first info product in a matter of days.

“Instant Info Product”

The methods you’ll learn were first delivered live, to our private “VIP Club” members.

We’ve cut the price way down to make it available to the greatest number of people we possibly can.

With this video training in hand, you can create your own ebooks, video, audio or other types of trainings. And you’ll see how easy it is to start selling them either on your own site, or on one of the high volume affiliate sites like JV Zoo, Clickbank or Warrior Forum.

With “Instant Info Product,” you can have your own digital information business up and running in very little time.

Now, it’s time to stop dreaming about it, and start implementing.

Action steps:

1) Decide what kind of information product you’re going to create;

2) Grab “Instant Info Product” and follow the step by step directions to create it;

3) Start tracking the profits from your first digital info product.

As always, you are invited to post your questions and comments below.

You know what I think, now I’d like to hear what you think is the best thing to sell online.

David Merrill 101

I’m an Internet Marketer and Online Marketing Coach. My students and clients learn no-nonsense, power strategies and techniques to build solid blogging and internet businesses.

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