Why Create A Boring Lead Magnet With No Juice

Honestly, why create a Lead Magnet that’s boring, has no “juice” to it to grab a visitor’s attention?

I know you’ve seen them – “Sign Up for My Newsletter”, and that’s it. Seeing something like this immediately propels me to click on the “X” in the top right, or bottom right corner to close the pop-up.

If the invitation is on the sidebar, I usually ignore it.Why? Because there’s nothing of interest to capture my attention to sign-up for future emails. Or is relevant to what I may be looking for.

There are so many websites , probably including mine (which I’m changing), displaying boring Lead Magnets that don’t entice, only repels. Certainly not something I want to do – nor you.

The following is taken from a “Mini Workshop” PAC held in the PAC Community. So let’s explore the “Lead Magnet” and why you want to think like a visitor instead of assuming they’l like what YOU like – wrong.


Alright… are you ready? LEAD MAGNET CHALLENGE. Here is the schedule: I post information to learn the elements of a GOOD lead Magnet design. Thursday YOU create a NEW Lead Magnet and post on that day here in the group. Friday critique and suggestions, Saturday the FINAL Lead Magnet you create for your blog. We’ll have a winner based on how many “LIKES” you get on your Lead Magnet Image posted on Saturday. Open this thread for more info…

Understand the PURPOSE of a Lead Magnet: collect emails, build relationships, SOLVE a problem, promote your products. But to have a successful Lead Magnet, you need to offer something of VALUE to visitors. Day 2 is “GO DEEP” into thinking like your customer to guide you in creating a good Lead Magnet


Day 2

Creating a Lead Magnet for your blog takes some DEEP thinking on your part. Offer ONE, SPECIFIC give-a-way that solves a problem. However, ask yourself a few questions – think like your potential “sign-up” 1. What’s in it for me? 2. Is this something I need NOW? 3. Do I care about this? If you can answer these questions it will help you create a better opt-in (Lead Magnet) Also instant gratification is a factor to consider – is your Lead Magnet easy to access? Here is a great article to give you ideas and why: http://www.digitalmarketer.com/lead-magnet-ideas-funnel/

Lead Magnet 2

Day 3

Your Lead Magnet should ENGAGE your visitor. Should be specific and solve a problem. Asking a question is good and can create curiosity – an offer they can’t refuse, Here is a great checklist to guide you in creating your Lead Magnet. http://www.digitalmarketer.com/ā€¦/03/Lead-Magnet-Worksheet.pā€¦


Lead Magnet 3

Day 4

There is no right or wrong … we’re learning! We only get better over time. So don’t be shy .. post, get ideas… share šŸ™‚ Ā 

Lead Magnet 4

Day 5

GO DEEPER: Tap into emotion. For example – a person sees a sale for a lawn care product.They don’t care about the brand, or the packaging, or presentation. What they care about is “will this lawn product make my lawn look better than my neighbors”. The “INTERNAL” need is to look good, feel good about how their house and lawn looks, to be ADMIRED for having such a green thumb. How will your Lead Magnet tap into an emotional trigger, and “INTERNAL” need? What are the benefits of your Lead Magnet?
Write all this out and see what you come up with … šŸ™‚ <3 Ā 

Lead Magnet 5


This video discusses the WHY you create a “Lead Magnet”. You have to put yourself in the “shoes” of your viewer and offer something of value THEY can use…


Has this been helpful? Let us know if there’s a topic you’d like to know more about, okay? Comment below.


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