Why Solution Based Content

Why solution based content should be your main focus?

If you intend to withstand the wild, wild west type of atmosphere on the internet you have to think positioning. Without solution based content you really serve no purpose to a potential customer at all and this is true for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is based around the fact that your personas have the power to research possible solutions to their challenges without having to speak to anyone.

The second reason piggybacks of the first as we are in the post-internet era and are no longer battling for advertising space but really battling for the attention of your buyer persona.

To capture and hold onto that attention won’t happen through presenting a product or service but through presenting solutions to their challenges that are independent of them buying from you.

Solution Based Content: What’s In It For You?

The only way that any large or small business sustains longevity in a world where your competition is ready to outshine you any opportunity it gets is by becoming a resource

  1. Becoming an authoritative voice through solution based content.

Why would anyone listen to you otherwise? People like to do business with businesses, brands, or individuals who are an expert source on a particular subject matter.

The most practical way to do it is through solution based content on various topics that pertain to your product or service but not necessarily focus on your product or service.

2. Building trust with your persona with the solutions you present.

Besides gaining that authoritative voice you also build trust with your persona with the solutions you present. Remember these solutions should be able to be carried out without your product or service.

That is the advantage in providing to providing solution based content by giving a glimpse as to how your actual product can be an extension of the value you are already providing.

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