Why We Struggle When It Comes To Selling?


Why We Struggle When It Comes To Selling?

How come something that we practice all our life is the hardest thing to do for many of us?
Take a 4-year-old girl and watch her sell you the idea of buying her a Barbie doll or chocolate or whatever she feels at that time.

Think about when you were a teenager how many times did you sell to your parents the idea of buying you new pair shoes, jeans, or jacket or even take you places.

Doesn’t matter the nature of it and how big or small the thing is, the process is the same, and we are doing it all our lives.

We Are Selling Ever Since We Started Talking.

I will never forget the pitch that my five-year-old boy gave me years ago when I took him shopping at the Mall.

He saw that big World Atlas puzzle book and fall in love with it. The cost of the book was around $20.00 and at that time that was a lot of money for me to spend on something that he desired and wasn’t food or clothes. I will never forget the feeling in my stomach when I pull out my wallet to pay for the book.

He said to me; “Mommy you don’t want me to be stupid do you? Then why don’t you buy me the book so I can learn all about the World and the continents and the countries and you don’t even have to do anything I’ll be learning on my own?”

Now please, let me know if you know a mom who wants her baby to be stupid?

Well, I know for myself if I didn’t buy that book I would be heartbroken for the rest of my life.
Now my boy is 23, and we still have the book, in fact, I am using it as support now for my laptop when I take it to my bed as you know how hot it can get if you have it on your lap.


When you think about it, isn’t it funny how we have the skill, we got it, and yet we are afraid to use it.

Now, why is that?

The thing is we are trying too hard. And we don’t take the time to see the benefits the pleasure, the feeling of owning the product or service that we are providing.

Selling & Buying

Why are we sold on something?
Why do we buy?
Beside the need of the products, we need to feel good about ourselves.

Earl Nightingale in one of his messages “Don’t sell, Create!”

I’ve been studying successful people for a few years now, and there is a pattern to their success. They all are creating and over-delivering.

Here are two examples of leaders who are creating instead of selling.

  1. Paid Membership Site!

One of my mentors who is the number one in all the leader boards and he did it over and over again. He will create a system for everything he’ll promote, and that’s what he is teaching, takes us behind the scene in his business which he is explaining.

He will create a system for everything he’ll promote, and that’s what he is teaching, takes us behind the scene in his business which he is explaining here! Sometimes is a free membership site and sometimes is a paid membership site like the Four Percent. He is charging $49 per month for now as it is still in pre-launch, but pretty soon he will have to charge way more as the training he provides are worth thousands of dollars.

Why We Struggle When It Comes To Selling


 2. Free Membership Site!

I can give you an example here Chris Record who just created the one and only College for Marketers where you go to a physical school and take classes. Here is the website check it out!

Why We Struggle When It Comes To Selling

As you can see the moment you create a free account he makes you feel good at the right place and gives you treats. Impressive, right?

As an affiliate, I can tell you that very few marketers, who have a product for sale and are offering affiliate program will have a whole membership site with training for you at no charge.

I see three ways to benefit from his strategy:

  1. You can learn as you go trough the training that he is providing.
  2. You can promote his products and programs & earn commissions. 
  3. Follow his strategy and create something like it for yourself. 

Is good to promote Chris’s products and make the big commissions, but it’s time to look at his system and create one for yourself as well. Build a system around your product, around your service. And when you have it you don’t need to sell anymore you just give it away, and the system will be selling for you.

This is how you stand out from the crowd.

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