Is This The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?

 Is This The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?

One of our most popular holiday songs tells us that “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.”

One of the greatest films ever made, according to most acclaimed critics, was set against the background of this holiday season. The title: “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

The holidays are in the air here in the U.S. and in a great many places worldwide.

All you see around you are festive lights and decorations.

The music plays happy songs on an endless loop, full of wonder and bliss… and we are all expected to be merry.


As the year ends and the calendar flips over to a new one, we tend to look back at the previous 365 days to see what we have accomplished.

We may be disappointed because we expected more out of ourselves.

But your feelings of the year that’s about to pass may go way beyond business.

Some of us are mourning a loss of a loved one.

One of our own community leaders here on PAC, Lesly Federici, lost her little dog a short while ago and she is still mourning Mr. Pip.

Some people will be alone at a time when they’re supposed to be making merry and toasting cheer. Others may find themselves ill or fighting to recover from illness.

You see, at this time of the year, even when everything is supposed to be wonderful, some of us may be in difficult situations, and many of them could have only bad memories to fall back on.

Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, the “cheer” is all around you.

You cannot help but bump into the lights, activities, parties and ever happy, joyful movies on television.

So, I ask you my friends, whether you celebrate this time of year spiritually, or just jump in for the fun of it… have you given yourself a self check in view of all the “happiness” and “wonderful” surrounding you?

Wonderful Time Of The Year


Emotions are running high for everyone.

On every road you travel, throngs of people are rushing somewhere.

The grocery stores are packed.

Forget the toy stores. People are going crazy there trying to please the kids with the latest and greatest.

There is no hiding from the excitement of the season.

Sometimes though, the excitement is so high it can turn to panic, anxiety and even depression.

You’ve got to be careful out there… and you’ve got to keep a careful check on your emotions.

This “Most Wonderful Time of The Year” can quickly land you straight, smack in the middle of the holiday blues.

Instead of happy and merry, you can feel alone and depressed.

Even if things are going spiffy, you can fall into the anxiety of getting all your shopping done, or maybe you’re overwhelmed with hosting parties and get togethers. How about this one: “Gosh I wish I had lost those ten pounds so I’d look awesome when I get to that holiday party.”

Financial concerns can be an issue also, of course.

It looks like everyone is going around purchasing fab gifts sold to them cu glitzy T.V. ads. (Darn those stupid cheap jewelry store ads lol).

Is it any wonder that you may feel left out?

Sounds crazy?

I have clients torn up by these sorts of things, so don’t discount it too quickly.

This is the most busiest time of year for me as a intuitive consultant because people struggle every day with these kinds of emotional twists and turns.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, keep in mind that there is less daylight and sunshine in many parts of the world, and it’s another big contributor to Seasonal Depression.

Let’s not forget, too, that most of us out here are running an online business.

The holiday season is upon us and through it all, we also have to look at our business each day.

Was your business all that you expected it to be this year?

Do you know any bloggers, marketers and others online who floundered, failed and had to give up? I do.

Oh dear reader, I’m sure there are plenty of things that went wrong with your business this past year. Not a big deal, just part of doing business. But now, during the holiday season, it all gets magnified, doesn’t it?

Where are your emotions these wonderfully merry, festive days?


No matter where your emotions are at, take a moment to look around you and be grateful for what you already have.

Let me ask you this: Were you ever grateful for having running water? Many people on the planet do not have it.

Are you grateful that you are healthy? Have a pet? A spouse? A child? I can go on, but you get the point.

If you are really down, a good way to get through the holiday season is to volunteer, especially if you find yourself alone during this time.

Realize YOU are needed in many ways and you can be serving in a soup kitchen or wrapping gifts for soldiers.

Walking dogs for an animal shelter, if you are an animal lover, is yet another way you can provide your services.

You see volunteering gets your mind off your troubles. Helping others is a good feeling, and you can actually make your own holidays better by helping others enjoy theirs.

Here’s a “holiday blues” hint for you: Turn off the T.V. You get bombarded all day with marketing commercials and it can ruin even a happy day, lol.

Make sure, too, that you take time for YOU. As most folks are hustling around, preoccupied with the season’s festivities and obligations, you can create a quiet space for yourself. Write, paint, or just cuddle up with the pup.


It is perfectly normal to have mixed emotions during this wonderful season.

Know that you are not alone. If things get real bad there are always telephone hotlines that you can call to lean on someone. Don’t be afraid to do so. Those folks are on the other end of the line are there to help because they, too, know how it is.

Is This The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year for you?

I sure hope it is, and if not I hope you can make it through, anyway.

I’ll leave you with the moral of this story by sharing a real experience I had.

It was this time of year.

The kids had all grown and David and I spent our first holiday alone.

We really didn’t mind, as long as the kids were happy.

But there was some kind of emptiness. We had always hosted holiday parties and that year was the first time there would be none.

So, here’s what we decided to do about the emptiness.

We volunteered to serve people during the Salvation Army’s Christmas Dinner.

When we walked in, we saw 4 top chefs from exclusive restaurants doing the cooking.

We had table duty. So we put linen table cloths on the table with linen napkins. We also set it with real dishes, not paper. Then we arranged the most beautiful floral arrangement centerpieces that had been donated by local florists.

It looked like a 5 star restaurant.

I’ll never forget that Christmas!

When we left the Salvation Army, we visited an alzheimers hospital and spent time with some folks that had been left alone, without even family around. We stayed with them for several hours, just talking and offering simple companionship.

And that my friends was the most wonderful time of our year.

I truly wish you find peace in your homes and in your hearts this holiday season, and that it truly becomes your most wonderful time of the year.

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

To Your Success,

Donna Merrill

Donna Merrill is a top pro blogger at She also runs the very popular “Whirlwind Success VIP Club,” a dynamic coaching club that helps both newbies and pros build successful online businesses, networks and followings.

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