The Wonderful World of Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest Group Boards

In this post I’m going to walk you through The Wonderful World of Pinterest Group Boards, sometimes called Collaborative Boards.

When you become an authority in your field of Business, the chances are your peers, community and group members will want to share your content amongst their members and followings too.

So for Community Leaders, why not pay it forward and invite your members to showcase their content on one of your boards to increase their audience exposure?

This a simple and effective process.

Your Pinterest account is your own business and personal brand catalogue. You can create boards for all sections of your dreams, business and interests there, so it’s great to have team boards for focused projects or content sharing.

Below, I will take you through the world of Pinterest group boards from all angles to give you an all round understanding of Pinterest Group Boards…

  • What is a Pinterest Group Board
  • How to set up a Pinterest Group Board and send an invitation
  • How to set up an ‘Anyone Can Join’ Pinterest Group Board
  • Why would you join Pinterest Group Boards?
  • How to get invited to a Pinterest Group Board

So let’s get started, and if you have any questions at the end… please ask in the comments 😊

What is a Pinterest Group Board

Simply put, a Group Board is a shared Board, where a number of people are permitted to Pin content.

Group / Collaborative boards can be visible to the world, or kept secret if you have a secret mission, or want to keep it hidden for any reason.

Top Tip ~ Create a Group Board for Your Team and Colleagues to showcase
their Valuable Content


There are situations, both personal and Business when it is beneficial to do this, for example

  • If you are gathering ideas with a group of friends or family for perhaps a special gift for someone… pinning here gives everybody access to everyone else’s ideas and then choices can be made
  • Compiling your own birthday or christmas present lists, or those for a child. The good thing is that you can work on these all year round till needed!
  • For sharing information between friends, perhaps your next holiday destinations, or favourite recipes
  • If you run a group or community, then you can create boards to reflect different aspects of this, and invite selected members to post on relevant boards, for example, sharing ideas, blogs, ads, posts… after all you can create any boards on any subject you like 🙂

I have created several on my Pinterest profile where I am inviting people I know and admire to share their own valuable content, quotes, blog posts and resources for the benefit of others, which they can link back to their own sources.

The links to these boards are:

If you see one that your content would enhance, please click the link and request to join under the ‘Request to join’ Pin.

How to set up a Pinterest Group Board and send an Invitation

Watch my demonstration video below, where I create a Group Board for Networking Superstars and send out an invitation … or follow the instructions below the video

Create a new board by clicking the red circle + on your profile page OR Go to the board you want to invite people to.

You need to be following anybody you wish to invite to collaborate on your board – so check this first!

If this is a new board then fill out the

  • board name
  • board description
  • category
  • secret yes/no

In the collaborator box, start to type in their profile name until you see the person you are looking for in the dropdown list. Click on their name, then continue to add people until you are done. You can also invite people by email, as long as it is the email they have registered with Pinterest when they opened their account.

Click ‘Create’ at the bottom for a new board or ‘Save’ for an established one.

Anyone you add as collaborators will receive an email notification. They have the chance to accept your invitation and can choose to remove themselves at any time in the future. You can also remove them yourself by going back to board settings and clicking the X next to their name.

Whenever you make changes, just be sure to click Save Board Settings at the bottom.

How to set up an ‘Anyone Can Join’ Pinterest Group Board

This would be when you decide to start a Pinterest Group Board which anyone seeing your profile may apply to join. In this situation it would be on a general topic which your audience are interested in and would be happy to contribute to.

Set up your new Board with clear instructions in the Board description (500 characters) on who you are and how people should contact you.

For example

Favourite Quotes Group Board

Once you click on the board, you will see several round profile images, as above. The one on the far left will be the board owner. In this case, to join the board, follow the instructions given by the account owner in the Board description.


Why Join Group Pinterest Boards?

  1. Your Pins get more exposure – They will be shown to the audience of every member of the group board. So as you are building your followers you can increase the exposure of your own Pins.
  2. You will notice, that if you Pin regularly to Group Boards, then members from there will start to re-pin your content and follow you if they resonate with your content … A great way to collect Targeted Followers

How to get invited to a Pinterest Group Board

#1  Find one you would like to join on Pinterest

As you are checking out people on Pinterest, you will know which are Group Boards by the circle you see on the front with several images. This indicates group boards as you scroll through someone’s profile.

No circle means it is NOT a Group Board.

Favourites Quote Board

When you find one you’s like to join, you will basically need to follow the instructions given by the account owner in the Board description, usually

  1.  email them from your Pinterest email address. [Check in your account settings if you have forgotten which one you used]
  2.  give them your name, your Pinterest name, and the name of the board you wish to join
  3.  email this to the email address they have provided in the Board description
  4.  accept the invitation

but sometimes you see other options, like I found and adopted! I post a “Join this Board” image and just ask people to comment below.. much simpler!!

#2  Using Pingroupie

Pingroupie is a free website which crawls Pinterest looking for Group Boards you can join. You will see you can search for boards using several criteria.

Top Tip ~ Choose Group Boards on PinGroupie with high Likes and Re-pins rather than the most members

Best practice for Group Board Pinning

In fact, these are the same principles you should be using for your own boards…

Remember that any Group Board you are a Collaborator for ALSO shows on your profile… so you will be essentially spamming your own account!

  • Only Pin Pins relevant to the Board
  • Don’t Pin lots of images at once … Pinterest don’t like it
  • Don’t Pin the same Pin many times… Spam stinks!!

So… that’s it for The World of Pinterest Group Boards in one blog!

I hope this encourages you to add this to your Pinterest Strategy to increase your Followers, Re-pins and Brand Exposure 😊

Happy Pinning!

♡ Jacs



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