Your About Page is Not About You

Your about page is NOT about you…

Many make this mistake. It is your introduction, giving your reader an idea of what they can expect from you about your business goals. It’s really a  sales page, one that answers the most pressing problems or questions that new potential customers have about your business. With the focus on the highlights of the biggest selling points of your story and your brand.

It should make a strong impression on your potential curious reader. To have people understand and appreciate your brand, this is the page link that you should send them to. Communicate the story of your business, why you started it in the first place. The customers it serves, the services that you provide.

How to write a GREAT About Page for your Website/blog

You’re  “about page” is one of the most important pages on your blog. Next, to the home page, it is visited more than the other pages on your site. It should be an introduction to your website/blog or business. It should give your readers an idea of what they will find on your site. It attracts brands,  and peers, as well as potential clients. It builds a strong connection with the reader helping them to understand what sets you apart from the internet crowd. What makes YOU stand out?

With research, I learned what the “about page” should Really be about. Previously my page consisted of my entire life story with a lot of pics of me. Very boring. You have seen these I’m sure, perhaps your own about page is cluttered? I have since learned that the about me page is NOT about me.

Elements I have learned that are key to creating a Great About Page

What is the first thing you think about doing after reading a great blog post? If you are like me, you want to learn more about the author right? Although it is named the about page, it isn’t about the person.  It’s all about what they offer the reader. The (what’s in it for me) comes into play as they read that page. You like the site and the blog posts, but how can it be relevant to you?

Start with who is your target market?  These are the people who you want to read you’re about page. What will they get from visiting your site? It should be evident from your about page. What are you providing them with? Are you giving them inspiration, ideas, a way to solve their problems?

Your About Page is Not About You

What is your blog about? What is the framework:

An introduction -Not your life story, just the basics,  your name, family, something you’re proud of.

Write a short description -of yourself and your blog. Nothing too long, just a few lines.

Introduce your blog/business -The page is for the reader and what you can do for them.  It should be about who you serve, letting them know what’s in it for them.


Give the reader a little snippet of what to expect from you. A little bit about who you are and what your business is all about. Give them an idea of the types of services they can expect from you.

  • your passionate one-line mission statement  Mine-“Connecting your business to the net”
  • Explain the business model or the how and why your products are made or your services
  • Incorporate your best blog posts as PDF downloads that may clutter up the homepage

By revealing the intentions for your blog you help your reader to understand the basic message of your website/blog. Building on the KLT ( know like & trust )  leads to a relationship.

Why am I here statement

Give one reason. “To help women take control of their digital businesses by getting noticed, make more money via a combo of digital service, reputation and marketing savvy.  This is fueled by creating a passive income from creating digital products (without being completely overwhelmed). In other words:  I’m in the business of making YOUR business look irresistible online.”

What inspired you to create your blog??
(I was in a marketing group 10 yrs ago and they said I needed a website, someone in the group sold me one, expensive too! –  l learned how to create websites myself)

What inspired you to get into this field? (I just wanted to find a way to make money from home and I realized I wasn’t the only women who wanted this, a great market. )

What are you passionate about? How does this passion weave into your work? ( I learned to do marketing in an effort to help other women in the same boat,  small business owners. It became my passion to help this target market.)

Your why must resonate with your blog’s niche. ( I learned all about marketing online while working offline with my own business, full time for over 10 years. The whole online business thing was completely different so I had to learn how to do it myself. )

Who is your blog for?

My blog is for you if you are:

  1. someone interested in learning about blogging and marketing
  2. a creative person who loves blogging and creativity and wants to make money as a blogger who has started a blog and wants to grow and monetize it
  3. a seasoned business owner/ blogger who has just started making money with your business and wants to know how to gain more traffic online

Add some of these elements.  A couple of personal tidbits about yourself. Throw in some quirks –  likes and dislikes.  ( I am an introvert, you won’t find me at a big party, although I have done public speaking to large crowds. I’m a contradiction!)

Call To Action

End your about page by asking them to stick around for more by adding:

A subscription, an opt-in to a freebie, include a few of your most popular blog posts, mention of a FREE course you created, an invitation to a Free chat online.

Include the  CTA on your homepage and sidebar not just on the about page. More places to be seen.

The last element an about me page should have is a link to each one of your social media channels, usually by a plugin. Don’t put these at the top of your site it invites leaving your site.

Social media is a great way to stay connected. It’s also an awesome way for your readers to get a better idea of who you are apart from your blog. Example Pinterest template board in the sidebar, but not at the top of the sidebar, further down.

Also if you have a Facebook Group connected to your blog its a great place to share it especially if your reader isn’t interested in your freebies, but still wants to be connected to your blog. My women’s group is starting back up soon. Listed in the sidebar. My newly revised about page here.

I hope I have given you some ideas on how you can make you’re about page work for you. Happy Blogging.

To your business success
Kathryn Maclean

PS. If you found this post to be of value, please comment below. Thanks!

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