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We all start somewhere. And like most of us, you’re overwhelmed with all the content about blogging available to you, right? So much it gives you a headache, right? But what do you do with all that information! Well, PAC is here to help you sort it all out with clarity and direction.  Answer a few questions for us and we’ll begin! Ready? Let’s do it .. click on this link and let’s begin:  https://goo.gl/forms/LOajkI2HScNpv7Pw1
Alright. You’ve been around for a while on the internet and you do have a blog! AWESOME! But … it’s just not doing what you’d like it to do. No Traffic, no comments. And you’d like your blog to make some money, right? Does this sound like you? Well fill out this form so we can learn more about what you’re doing and would like to do, sound good? Let’s get going … click on this link: https://goo.gl/forms/jZxGTi7oLbkMu92I3 
You’ve gotten a lot wiser over time haven’t you! Setting up a blog is no big deal and you know how to trouble shoot it. Now it’s learning how to be recognized as an “Authority” in your field, or an “Influencer” ( pretty words being thrown around these days online), right? How about just being YOU, which will carry more weight  and that’s what needs to be cultivated. So let’s get started! Click on this link and answer a few questions to get you going on the right path: https://goo.gl/forms/9LHBEUbIAmphiVH83 

Regardless of your blogging level, these three areas we’ve found to impact bloggers the most: Blog Management, Blog Message, and Blog Content.



Probably the most common complaint there is when it comes to blogging is “TIME”.  Human beings tend to distort time meaning, for some the thought of writing a blog post may take hours! When in reality it only took an hour. So in other words we tend to “Exaggerate” time. Time is NOT what we “think” it’s going to be. This is why one of the BEST tools you could use to discover how crazy the mind thinks is use a TIMER to keep planted in reality!

Wasting time is another huge distraction that keeps us from doing what we really want to do. Time wasters are watching TV,  goofing off on Facebook or on other social media platforms, watching videos on YouTube, and a host of other things. The thing is you have to “zero in”on what’s important to you, recognize how you spend your time, and do something about this or it will plague you forever.  I don’t think you want that especially if you’re building a business online. Only you can figure that out. You CAN manage your time so you can do those things that you need and want to get done. PAC offers a “Do It” Workshop just for this.



One of the most challenging aspects of having a blog is not only its presentation, but also the message you’re conveying to your readers.  Many times when starting out people make the natural mistake of having more than one blog. Usually each blog is dedicated to a specific interest. That’s fine, but what happens now is there’s two or more blogs that need attention! Wow, let’s add on some blogging stress, right?

So. What do you do? Well, for all the interests you have there is a unique theme (which will help you to stand out from the crowd) that connects them all. This will take some time to reflect on, evaluate, and discover and once you do,  you’ll have a clear message to promote. Now, this is an excellent tactic if you are “SELF-BRANDING”, which PAC recommends. There are many kinds of blogs and ways to present them based on what the message is (your overall message theme). This is also accomplished through the type of blog “Blog Design Theme”  that’s chosen. So, there are many elements to conveying your message to the public. One important thing to remember though is – your blog and content should be presented for visitors, not yourself, which we’ll discuss next.



Needless to say, content for your blog is like gas for your car, right? You have to have it! But so many challenges come up for bloggers surrounding this necessity for blogging success. And it’s overwhelming, we get that here at PAC. That’s why we spend time inviting members to be “Expert Authors” or “Guest Writers” so they can elevate their presence online, and improve their writing skills at the same time. Some write better than others and that comes from experience.

So, this means ANYONE can be a good writer. This is the first place to begin. You have to learn how to write a good sentence that makes sense to readers (of course YOU know what you mean, readers don’t – think of your readers).  Correct spelling, how you use words (use a dictionary and thesaurus) , are all important and believe us when we say: Readers WILL notice this and WILL be the first to contact you and tell you about it!

But where do you get ideas to write for your blog. Start with what interests you and how you can turn it into a “teaching” post. EMPOWER YOUR READERS, give them something to learn, remember, use, or implement in their own lives – this is the “juice” of a successful blog. READ a lot yourself because you’ll pick up ideas, build your vocabulary, and learn great content ideas from other bloggers.

Ideas can come from: Articles you read and have an opinion about, magazines, comments you see on Social Media where you can solve a problem. Here’s an insightful thought – human beings are social so they rather be helped, consulted with, celebrated, remembered, and appreciated – NOT SOLD TO.

Here at PAC we encourage, support, and promote our members’ blogging efforts and assist them in anyway we can. So, let’s find out what YOU need so we can help you too .

Pick your Blog Level above and we’ll go from there.



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