Your Small Business Success for the New Year

Your Small Business Success for the New Year

Whether you are currently in a small business or you hope to start a business in the coming year, setting some goals right now is a GOOD idea. The internet today has created such huge opportunity. Anyone can start a business from home. Millions of people are working part-time or full‐time jobs and have started a side hustle with dreams of making it big. People who are starting or currently own their own businesses need help. This is something new for them.

Here are 7 ways how to get business results

1. Clarity Setting Your Goals
As you build your business you really need to be absolutely crystal clear on what your main goals are. Decide what you want them to be. What is the order of priority? Income producing tasks at the top of your list so you won’t spend time on low-value tasks that might be handled by someone else. What is your core message? What is your mission statement and your central solution?

2. Start Today
Below are several things you can do today when starting a business of your own.



Let’s start with what do you want to get out of your own business

  1. Financial Independence
  2. Extra time with friends and family
  3. Ability to travel whenever you like
Everyone has their own reasons. Mine is to ensure that my family has a recurring income, and eventually traveling with my family is also a goal. France is on my to-do list. Paris, for its fashion houses, classical art museums including the Louvre and monuments like the Eiffel Tower. The country is also renowned for its wines and sophisticated cuisine. Also, many other countries someday.
3. Write It Down
Decide what it is that you want for yourself. Take your idea for a business and write it down. When you write down a goal, you give it shape and potential in your mind’s eye. You make it real. Make a list, moving it off your mental to-do list into a concrete plan. A new Weekly/Monthly Planner for the year ahead is a great idea.
4. Set a Deadline
Without a definite deadline to accomplish your goal you will naturally procrastinate and very little gets done. The goal loses its meaning completely and gets lost in -maybe later on. Those timers you see on blog posts and ads really work because they force you to make a decision before the timer runs out and you miss a discount etc.

5. Make a List

Think of what you are going to have to do to achieve your goal. As you think about it, add these new activities to your list. This achievement list gives you a visual picture of the larger tasks and objectives you will need to work on. Take a piece of paper out and list all that you will need to do to accomplish your goal. Every little thing. Check them off as you do them. I use Asana, it’s FREE, it emails you tasks to be accomplished and it rewards you when the goal is reached.

6. Organize your List

Set priorities. List all the tasks in the order that needs to be done. What has to to be done before something else? I like to create a mind-map with a series of boxes and circles on a sheet of paper or on online software. Lines and arrows showing the relationship of each task. Breaking it down into individual tasks. A visual representation of where your business is going.

Do something every day that will move your business forward. Build this activity into your daily schedule.

  • daily exercise – Yoga at 9:30 for 20 mins
  • check email – only twice a day 10:00 – 3:00
  • learn a specific business subject – Webinars 3 a week
7. Your Goals
Make a list of ten goals you want to accomplish in the next year. (With a deadline)
  1. I will earn x number of dollars – by June 1 2019
  2. I will weigh x pounds – by June 1st
  3. I will have x number of clients – by June 1st
Review your list often and select the one goal – if you achieved it – it would have the greatest positive impact on your life.
  • Such as 10 clients at $50. in a membership site would earn = $ 500. that month.
Whatever that goal is, write it on a separate sheet of paper, set a deadline, and make a plan and take massive action on your plan. Then do something every single day that moves you towards that goal .
This plan of action could change your life!

This is the exact plan that changed famous actor Jim Carrery’s life.

Carrery is from Toronto, a suburb Newmarket. His family worked at a factory at one point. They quit the factory and drifted around like gypsies in a Volkswagen van, living in campgrounds.

Jim believed in his goal!
He wrote out a check to himself for $1 million dollars with a date on it and tucked it away in his wallet for many years. He was the first actor to cash the $20 million (US) with Cable Guy. Within two years, Carrey’s salary jumped to $20 million from $350,000.

So go ahead and schedule what you need to do THIS WEEK and each and every day!

Be consistent, be persistent and your business will grow with your business planning. Build your business success and live the life you have always dreamed of.

Kathryn Maclean

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